To act as a business companion and support our client. We create smart results in different ways, high creativity. We support our brands; act as strategic partners to our clients. We think outside the box.


To attract Partner's trust and guarantee highest quality standards. FAIK ensures that any part of its products is completely safe, security and guaranteed.

About us

President Message

FAIK Group has been a family business started on 1970 by our late beloved Ahmed Faik, passing on our great experience and knowledge from one generation to another, empowered by science and technology to meet up with customers' requirements.

Experience: We have started in manufacturing various products ranging starting Automotive Spare Parts passing by Feeding Industry till Construction Industry


Covered sectors

Anywhere & anytime

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Automotive sector

Industrial equipment and spare parts sector

Electricity sector

The pharmaceutical sector

Technology sector

Mining sector

Transportation sector

Food production sector

Construction sector

petroleum sector

Railway sector

Stone and marble sector

Textiles sector

Steel sector & Metal Works

Chemical sector

Agriculture sector

tourism sector (Hotel - Museums)

Military sector

Cement sector

Our Team

Board Chairman

Eng. Khaled Faik

Director -
Board Member

Eng. Walid Faik

Factory Director -
Board Member

Eng. Ahmed Faik

Sales & Marketing Manager -
Board Member

Eng. Mariam Faik

Retail sales manager -
Board Member

Mr . Omar Faik

Our Clients

Hyundai Am
Arab Copntractors

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