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FAIK Group has been a family business started on 1970 by our late beloved Ahmed Faik, passing on our great experience and knowledge from one generation to another, empowered by science and technology to meet up with customers' requirements.

Experience: We have started in manufacturing various products ranging starting Automotive Spare Parts passing by Feeding Industry until Construction Industry.

Faik group presented in two companies:

Faik Manufacturing Company: founded under the Egyptian law in 1994 as a private free zone with the main aim of exporting and trading through the private free zone. With capital of 5 Million US Dollars.

AL Faik Company S.A.E.: founded in 1989 under the name of Faik for engineering & trading as Limited company, and transferred to AL Faik for Engineering & Trading S.A.E. with capital of 10 Million EGP. With main aim of trading worldwide.

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"FAIK" has successfully achieved its consumers’ trust, and accomplished a long list of products, components, spare parts, which are feeding the industries in Egypt and abroad, covering all major fields of industry, covering a wide range of industries.

We ensure Total Quality; through our Quality Assurance Section reporting directly to the Company General Manager.  To provide the highest desirable standards those maintained throughout FAIK assignments during the various phases of the production.

In the performance of our work, we use the most advanced tools, techniques, and machinery. The plant is extensively equipped with progressive and modern machines that ensure that FAIK will remain in the highest competitive level.

Our products specifically designed to guarantee high standards and high quality.

Last But Not Least …

Faik is not just a name of a company, it is the definition of trust, a business companion that you can rely on, not just by words, but our history proves that and our actions speak for us.

We remain...

Eng. Mostafa Faik

General Manager


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FAIK plant and headquarters are located in Badr City, one of the new Egyptian industrial communities near Cairo City and Cairo International Airport.

Also, it’s located near Cairo - Suez desert road in middle between Cairo, 10th Ramadan, Al-Obour, Al-Sherouk Cities and Suez Port.

FAIK has affiliates in the fields of marketing, sales, and distributing.

First Location: Al-FAIK COMPANY is located in Cairo Down Town

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Introduction to the Firm

FAIK established in 1970 and the company grew steadily until in 1998 it started production at the new factory site in Badr City.  This site enjoys particular benefits for export trade.  The company currently enjoys a turnover in the region of $ 5 million.

The available area occupies over 6,500 m2 with ample space available to expand the current production facilities.


The product range is refreshingly diverse, is continually widening at the request of clients, and as the company's reputation grows. FAIK manufactures for the automotive industry (a vast range of steel and rubber components and assemblies for cars, commercial vehicles and track laying vehicles), the cement industry (unions and flanges), the construction industry (a wide variety of anchor bolts & fully threaded bars as well as unions for reinforcing steel and scaffolding), the petroleum industry (pipes, flanges and unions) and to the white goods industry (washing machine spindles and bearing housings).

The company's work force has grown to over 80 of which a high proportion are skilled machine operators who are trained on state of the art CNC machines and thread rolling machines as well as a variety of other machinery required to manufacture the versatility of manufacture of steel and rubber components offered.

A quality control, test and research Centre ensures products meet the quality requirements of customers and that new product thoroughly tested before volume production commenced.  FAIK follows ISO 9001 procedures and CAD programs are widely used. This has resulted in an impressive customer base including such International names as ABB, Alstom, Bechtel, Butler and Archi Roden.


Aspirations for inward Buyers

FAIK is interested to explore the opportunity for exporting to Africa, Europe and the Middle East through country or regional Distributors who have the ability to supply the current wide product range. Such Distributors should also be willing and able to attract potential clients with special requirements since the Company is keen to expand its product range so a wider base of customers can be satisfied. Faik can also act as a conduit for to other countries in the region where preferential tariff agreements are in place.

 FAIK is particularly interested in companies with experience in the automotive, oil & gas, construction and cement industries.


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