00 Rubber

Rubber is an unsaturated organic compound made of carbon and hydrogen. Natural Rubber is collected from wild plants or plants cultivated on plantations. It is made from a secretion of certain plants that is called latex.

The production of rubber and products made of rubber is a large and diverse industry. Rubber industry is an important resource based industry sector in the world. It has witnessed a steady and strong growth over the years. Because of the wide application of rubber in both tires and non-tire applications, the present scenario as well as the future of the rubber industry is tied to the global economy.


  • FAIK succeeded in manufacturing more than 1500 different products for various Industrial sectors such as Vehicles spare parts, Petroleum, and Utilities pipes (water and wastewater).
  • FAIK manufactures its required dies (Simple or complicated) by its machines and capabilities.
  • FAIK designs and manufactures different types of dies according to the client order, the required application and the shape of the finished product.
  • FAIK gets the client approval for the dies drawing and the dies before the production process.
  • FAIK Produce the Rubber parts according to the following Specifications:
    • DIN 8062, DIN 19531, DIN 19534, DIN 53504 & DIN 53505.
    • ASTM D112-80, ASTM D395-78, ASTM D412-80, ASTM D471-79, ASTM D572-81, ASTM D1817-81, ASTM D1149-78a & ASTM 2240-81.
    • Egyptian Code of Practice: 366 & 2042.
    • British Standards: BS 4514 & BS5481.

Tests and Standards were applied according to the client-required application, to ensure the product quality. These tests include Tensile Test, Elongation Test, Hardness Test, Compression Test, Chemical Effects Test, Water Absorption Test and Ash Test.

The following chart will explain FAIK rubber production procedures.

smart shape

Selected list of FAIK products showing hereinafter:

1. Rubber Products for vehicle and Automotive Feeding Industries as:

  • Engine rubber mounting
  • Gearbox rubber mounting
  • Suspension parts
  • Vehicle water pump
  • Vehicle disc brake
  • Vehicle wheel fastener
  • Piston Pin
  • Timing ignition gear
  • Suspension system


2. Rubber Products for Petroleum Industry as:

  • Offshore Natural Gas Pipeline saddles
  • Pipeline pathway gaskets and covers
  • Pipes flanges from ½” to 24”
  • Pipes flanges studs
  • Pipes flanges fastener
  • Pipes blind flanges


3. Rubber Products for Cement Industry as:

  • Clinker conveyer rollers (metal covered with rubber sheet)
  • Clinker conveyer chain
  • Drag chine


4. Rubber Products for Construction & Building Industry products:

  • Special rubber sheets
  • Anchor bolts ( I, J, and L shapes and other’s shapes as required )
  • Metal staging screw roads


5. Rubber Products for Utilities Pipes Industry ( water and wastewater) as:

  • Rubber joints for PVC water pipes
  • Rubber joints for Ceramic and Stoneware pipes
  • PVC pipes flanges
  • Meal / Female / screw tap insert for PVC, CPVC, and PP water pipes


6. Rubber Products for Other’s Industry as:

  • Gaskets
  • Rubber mounting
  • Dies
  • Gears
  • Mill stone