FAIK has experienced purchasing staff supported by a well equipped materials laboratories which ensures that only the highest quality raw materials are used, thus ensuring that all products meet the required standards and specifications.


FAIK also has continuous relations with a number of specialised laboratories whose additional expertise may be required from time o time on particular contracts.


FAIK has adopted international and national Codes and Standards during the various phases of the production, including:

  • AISC, American Institute of Steel Construction.

  • ANSI, American National Standard Committee.

  • ASME, American Society for Mechanical Engineers.

  • ASTM, American Society for Testing and Materials.

  • AWS, American Welding Society.

  • DIN, Deutsches Institute fur Normung e.v.

  • ECP Egyptian Code of Practice.

  • ISO, International Organisation for Standardisation.


    In the performance of its work, FAIK uses the most advanced tools, techniques and machinery.


    The plant is extensively equipped with progressive and modern machines, to ensure we remain competitive by international standards.


    We have a comprehensive range of over 60 machines enabling us to tackle the most demanding jobs.


    Our products are specifically designed to guarantee high standards of accuracy and quality.


    FAIK is confident that its customers will benefit from the highest quality to cost ratio available.


    We are happy to discuss your individual requirements and to supply any additional information you may require. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we may have the opportunity to work with you in the near future.


    Yours Faithfully,


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    FAIK Offering a wide range of feeding products for different sectors of industry with special focus on Automotive industry.

    FAIK has successfully accomplished a long list of products components, spare parts, feeding the industry in Egypt and overseas, covering all major fields of industry.


    Our Clients

    Due to our growing reputation in the market, our clients are expanding rapidly.

    These are some of our clients:

    1- Bectel company for foundation
    2- Archerodone for foundation - over seas
    3- Alestom Egypt
    4- Arab constructors company - Osman Ahmed Osman
    5- Hassan Alams' sons company



    FAIK, Offering a wide range of feeding products  for different sectors.


    • Clinker conveyer rollers
    • Clinker conveyer chain
    • Drag chine


    • Pips Flanges From ½to24
    • Pips Flange Fasteners
    • Pips Blind Flanges

    Ancher Bolts

    FAIK special goal is to earn all of your trust and your confidence.


    • Metal staging screw roads
    • Fully thread
    • Pins


    • Clinker conveyer rollers
    • Clinker conveyer chain
    • Drag chine



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